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Title: The Natural Progression of things
Author: edie
Email: edie22@hotmail.com
website: http://www.monkeydrunky.com/edie
Pairing: Ephram/Bright
Rating: NC-17
Fandom: Everwood
Category: PWP, episode related
Archive: Just ask!
Disclaimer: This show belongs to people less pervy than me
Summary: Set after “Three Miners” Ephram interrupts Bright from building the lighthouse…
Notes: I blame [livejournal.com profile] misswindy. She knew nothing of this, but it’s still her fault. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] jadedmyrrmaid, [livejournal.com profile] tobyfan and [livejournal.com profile] brooding_soul for the awesome beta work!

The Natural Progression of Things

“What’s that tool called?”

“Ephram! You surprised me.” Bright held up the implement in his hand and squinted his eyes. “It’s a hammer. As in, dumb as a box of. Dork.”

Ephram grinned slowly and looked around. He leaned in and whispered, “You look really manly, with your tool belt and *hardware*.” The last word was said with emphasis, hopefully leaving Bright with no question as to what Ephram meant.

“Listen,” Bright started. “My Dad and Mom are both really busy here. And I think my house is empty. Want to take a break?” He eyed Ephram suggestively.

Ephram had just arrived - hadn’t even picked up a single tool. But he was definitely ready to take a break with Bright. He nodded enthusiastically and wondered if they could really just slip away.

It was entirely too easy.

The door of the Abbot house clicked behind them and Bright looked nervous all of a sudden. “Do you want something to drink?” His eyes darted from Ephram to the kitchen and then to the staircase as they stood next to the door. “Or…”

“You invited me. I think that means you get to decide what we do?” He inched closer and shoved his hands into his jeans pockets. He was afraid of what they’d do if he left them out.

“I think its guests that choose. Besides, you’re the one that called me manly.” He grinned and stepped back towards the stairs. “You could come up to my room. I’m sure we could think of something to keep ourselves entertained.”

Ephram laughed. “Subtle, Bright.” He followed him up the stairs.

“I’ve got a television and the Playstation hooked up to it. But not the satellite… so we could play…”

A little confused, Ephram looked around the stark bedroom. He hadn’t been in it much, usually there were too many people here and they hung out at the Browns’. Ephram’s dad always left them alone and Delia was usually too awestruck to do much besides grin and look at Bright. But, he hadn’t really come up here to play video games.

Bright sat down on the bed and twisted his hands in his lap.

Okay, this was just plain weird. “Bright?”

Eyes shining with want and need looked up at him and Ephram took a step closer to the bed. “I’m not really interested in your television,” he whispered when he was close enough that his knees bumped into Bright’s.

“Good. Me, either.” He spread his thighs and Ephram situated himself between them.

Ephram leaned down and brushed his lips against Bright’s. The answering groan made him smile, but then big, rough hands slipped around his waist and tugged him closer. Only a few layers of cotton separated Ephram from the parts of Bright that he really wanted to touch. In his head, he tried to calculate how fast he could get the jeans that he suddenly hated down and off of Bright.

He was a little surprised when Bright deepened the kiss. His tongue slid into Ephram’s mouth, cautiously, slowly, still unsure of everything and what was allowed. He could feel Bright’s clothed dick bumping into his thigh with every clumsy, tentative movement. Closing his eyes, Ephram thrust back and smiled as Bright tore his mouth away to moan.

It wasn’t like this was exactly new to them both. There had been their first kiss a few weeks back that had started the whole thing. Ephram hadn’t been able to help himself. Bright was smiling and blushing and he’d just been so cute…

They had been in Ephram’s room – supposedly, Ephram was helping Bright with an English paper – and he’d just leaned over and kissed him. At first, they were both too stunned to really do anything. But, after a few seconds of staring at each other, Bright had pulled Ephram close and kissed him properly.

That had only been two weeks ago. And now, now they had kissed too many times to count and had made out as often as they could. A couple of days ago was the first time they’d actually come together, Bright seconds behind Ephram, just touching each other over their jeans.

And now… Ephram wanted to see. He wanted to touch and feel and if he worked up his courage enough, he really wanted to taste. Dragging his mouth away, panting slightly, Ephram whispered, “Is your door locked?”

Bright nodded and rested his head against Ephram’s chest. “How much of a break are we taking here, Ephram? I want…God. I want everything.”

Ephram closed his eyes and swallowed hard. “Me, too,” he whispered.

Pulling back, Bright looked up at him for a second before yanking Ephram down for another searing kiss. He felt himself being twisted, and Ephram landed on Bright’s bed.

Bright loomed above him and Ephram watched as trembling fingers slid down his chest to the hem of his shirt. “Are you sure? I…Can I suck you off?”

“Fuck. I want to do that to you.”

“Me, first.”

Ephram nodded and watched as Bright slid down to the floor on his knees. His breathing felt hollow and there was a rushing noise in his head that was drowning everything out. He had to see, he had to lean up on his elbows and watch as Bright unbuttoned Ephram’s jeans and tugged them and his boxers down.

It was really weird to have someone else see him like this. He felt hot and flushed, and kind of embarrassed, even though he really had nothing to be embarrassed about, but he was hard and Bright was actually going to see.

He watched the look on Bright’s face, rather than focus on himself, and the smile that suddenly came over him made Ephram blush more. “What?” He made a move to maybe cover himself up, but Bright pushed his hands away.

“I…you’re bigger than I imagined,” Bright said in a low voice.

“You imagined…this? Me?”

Bright nodded and reached for Ephram’s cock. Soft skin, tentative touches, Ephram had to look away or he might come immediately. He dropped back down to the bed and stared at Bright’s ceiling as he felt hot breath waft across his erection.

“I’ve never done this before,” Bright whispered before opening his mouth and sucking the head of Ephram’s dick between his lips.

Ephram let out a loud groan and tried to keep his hips from bucking up. “Jesus, Bright.”

Bright backed off and started placing hot kisses on Ephram’s thighs. Straining up, Ephram thought his heart might implode with the feelings hurtling through it.

He squeezed his eyes shut and tried to concentrate on breathing. He could hear himself panting and he was a little worried about passing out and missing the whole thing. Bright’s warm mouth moved back to his cock and started licking. Ephram was really glad that the house was empty because he couldn’t hold back the noise he made.

“Shh,” Bright whispered.

“Please, don’t stop,” Ephram begged.

“It’s good, then?” Bright was going to die if he kept teasing.

“Shut up. God, please, Bright.” He arched up again, his hips coming off the bed. He flopped back down and shoved one of his fists into his own mouth to hold back the whimpers. He sounded really loud to himself.

Once again, Ephram could feel Bright take his cock into his mouth and start sucking. It was the most amazing thing Ephram had ever felt. The fist not in his mouth clenched into a fist in the comforter and he scrabbled with his feet to try to get purchase so he could thrust. It turned out that it didn’t matter, because Bright started to move his head and Ephram could only moan.

He tried to move, tried to get more, but Bright’s hands came up to his hips and held him down. God, that was hot. It felt like electricity shooting through him and he tried not to scream when Bright’s tongue swirled around the head.

“Bright,” he warned. “I’m going to…” But before he could get the words out, he came. Words completely failed him. He was going to apologize, or express his gratitude, or something, but all that came out, was a grunt. But he was smiling. Bright tugged up Ephram’s jeans, but didn’t bother to fasten them before stretching out next to him on the bed and snuggling close. At least he wasn’t pissed about the whole lack of warning thing.

When he could finally open his eyes, he turned to find Bright grinning at him. “Sorry.”

“For what?”

“Not warning you…being out of commission for so long.”

Bright just kept grinning. “It’s not like I’ve never tasted my own…and besides, you looked amazing when you came.”

“I did? I do?”

Nodding, Bright slid his arm around Ephram and pressed against him. “And anyway, you’re good now, right? I mean…you can…”

Ephram nodded. “I can. And I want to. I’m just a little nervous.”

“Nothing to be nervous about. I never had either. Just…watch your teeth,” he said as he flopped back to the bed, still grinning.

Ephram leaned over and pressed a kiss to Bright’s lips before moving to slide off the bed. He licked his own lips and scowled until he realized what he tasted: his own come. Closing his eyes, he shuddered and then there were lips on his, and Bright was kissing him - tongue pushed into his mouth and Ephram moaned again. He was all over Bright - the smell, the taste…he pulled away and pushed him back to the bed.

It wasn’t like he could really push Bright around, what with his athletic build and all, but he went willingly and Ephram slid to the floor. His knees pressed into the carpet and he stared at Bright’s crotch in front of him. He could see how hard his cock was, straining against the jeans Bright was wearing.

His hands were shaking when he moved to unbutton the jeans and he struggled for a second before Bright’s hands came up to help him. Bright lifted his hips and shoved his pants down and all Ephram could do was stare.

He’d never been this close to someone else’s cock before. Sure, he’d seen others, in gym and during summer camp, but he could hardly believe what he was doing. His fingers were still shaking when he wrapped them around the shaft of Bright’s cock. That garnered him a moan before he stroked a few times.

“Oh, God. I’m too close, Ephram.”

“Sorry,” he whispered before leaning in and giving a tentative lick. Flavor burst across his tongue, not unlike what he’d tasted when he’d kissed Bright. Pulling back, he swallowed and licked his lips. He could do this. He wanted to do this.

A deep breath and Ephram licked across the head again, slowing to try to push his tongue into the slit. Bright bucked beneath him, his cock working its way into Ephram’s mouth, and it wasn’t unpleasant. He kind of liked that.

He caught the rhythm of Bright’s hips, sucking as Bright thrust. The rough, heavy slide of Bright’s cock in his mouth, the taste of Bright’s pre-come painting his tongue, the noises Bright was making…it was like complete sensory overload.

Ephram moaned when Bright’s hands came to rest in his hair. Bright was fucking his mouth and fucking Christ, Ephram was getting hard again. He couldn’t even focus on any one thing because it all felt so good.

Bright’s sudden shout of his name, and his hips stilling on an upstroke forced Ephram back to his task. He was shaking, his voice hoarse as he whimpered and finally came.

Come filled Ephram’s mouth and he had to pull back. He tried to swallow what he could, but it was so fast, he choked a little. Some of it dropped down onto his chin and he had to wipe it off with the back of his hand.

He was still hard. Ephram had no idea what to do here. Did he take care of things himself? Ignore it? Ask Bright? He crawled up next to Bright and hoped that it maybe wasn’t that obvious.

Shining blue eyes opened next to his own and Bright grinned at him. “That was amazing.”

“Thanks,” Ephram said with a smile.

“Did you get this, just from blowing me?” Bright’s hand snaked down to cup Ephram’s cock.

“You don’t have to…God. Yes.”

“What if I want to?” Reaching inside of Ephram’s still unbuttoned pants, Bright’s hand felt really cool next to the hotness of his skin. Ephram couldn’t bite back a moan. “So, I take it you liked me fucking your mouth?”

Ephram moaned again. “Please…”

“I love your voice when you beg.” Bright’s big hand wrapped around Ephram’s dick, and he started to stroke. All the while, whispering hot, dirty things into Ephram’s ear.

“God, Ephram. You’re so fucking hot like this. Fuck my hand. That’s it. I want to make you come, Ephram.”

It was too much. Ephram could still taste Bright in his mouth. His scent was everywhere and his voice…God, his voice was all raspy and it just sent shivers down his back. Bright twisted his hand and brushed his thumb across the head. Just as Ephram was about to warn Bright, lips covered his and he could only kiss back as he shuddered and came.

When he opened his eyes, Bright was watching him. His cock had been tucked away, but Ephram looked down at himself, expecting a mess, but instead finding himself clean. Bright licked his palm and Ephram groaned. “I didn’t realize how hot that was. Are you trying to kill me?”

Bright shook his head and licked again. “Jesus,” Ephram moaned. Bright grinned and slid off the bed. He disappeared behind the door that Ephram thought was the bathroom. He came back a few seconds later with a washcloth and towel.

They cleaned themselves up the best they could, but really, they couldn’t go back to the building of the lighthouse without a shower. Ephram poked Bright in the ribs. “I still smell like you.”

Bright smirked and shrugged. “And I still have your come all over me. We’re even.”

“That’s not what I meant…I just meant we can’t go back to the construction thing. We smell.”

Nodding, Bright agreed. “You didn’t feel well. I brought you over here to get some Tylenol. No biggie.”

Ephram nodded and snuggled close to Bright. “Yeah, those – what were they called? Hammers? They were really getting to me.”

“You’re such a dork,” Bright said as he wrapped his arm around Ephram and pulled him close.

“I know. But I’m your dork.”

“Yes. You certainly are.”

Ephram grinned into Bright’s chest, hoping that the rest of the Abbots would stay away for the rest of the afternoon. He liked being alone with Bright.

Date: 2003-12-18 06:11 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] superboris5000.livejournal.com
So I don't usually read smut cuase it kinda freaks me out, but this was..whoo! Dude. All kinds of lurid and sweet. Nicely done.

Date: 2004-09-18 03:14 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] http://users.livejournal.com/im_that_girl_/
thank you for my first orgasm of the day. that was really fucking amazing. i wanna have your babies now.


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