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Spur-of-the-moment-completely-unbetaed-drabble. Mild spoilers for season 4. (Wow, EW is up to s4 already. *pets it*)

Amy hates Bright. And Ephram. And Reid for that matter. And don't forget the weather. Or, whatever it was that forced Ephram out of Bright's closet and into Bright's bed.

God, that sounded worst that it actually is. Assuming it was possible for the situation to get any worst. According to Bright, Ephram's little crawl space committed suicide and "it was just all bad", so Ephram had to sleep in either Bright or Reid's room until Bright forks over enough money to fix it. Since Bright had the bigger room, and the bigger bed (plus all of Ephram's stuff was stored in Bright's room), the only logically conclusion was for Bright and Ephram shared a room.

Plus they played rock-paper-scissor. Reid won. He got to keep his own room.

So now Ephram and Bright are going to cuddling together at night during the long winter, and stick to each other all naked and sweaty-like in the summer because it'll be a cold day in hell before Bright actually scraps together enough money to get the closet fix.

Oh god. Bright is clingy in his sleep. Every morning, Ephram's going to wake up in Bright's arms and during that little moment between sleep and conscious-ness, he's going to nuzzle Bright all cutely because Ephram is definitely the nuzzling type. And Bright would just sigh and pull Ephram closer toward him. And the stupid sunlight would be shining through the window and the sheets-the white sheets-would be tangled between their legs and the wallpaper. There'd be floral wallpaper. Purple floral wallpaper. With violets all over them.

Amy wants to puke. Stupid Bright. Stupid Ephram. Stupid Reid. This was all Reid's fault.
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