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Title: Fairytale of New York
Pairing:  Bright/Ephram
Rating:  PG-13 for language.  That's right kids, there is no smut in this fic.
Summary:   Bright and Ephram live happily ever after in New York. 

Part One - An Officer and a Gentleman
Part Two - Deconstructing Ephram

Part Three - Fairytale of New York
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IT'S HERE! The Everwood FanFiction Archive is open and ready to accept new authors and stories. Please go HERE to visit the site and register. If you're not interested in posting your stories, please come visit anyway! You do have to register in order to submit reviews, though.

Please help me promote this site! I would really appreciate it.

I am also accepting affiliates if you have an Everwood fan site!

Thank you!
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Hello! My name is Margaret. Some of you might know me on FanFiction.net as RivenStar, author of Road Signs.

I just wanted to let everyone know that I am starting The Everwood FanFiction Archive. It will be a site where you will be able to add and edit stories not unlike FanFiction.net. THERE WILL BE NO ADS OR BANNERS! I am hosting it on a personal domain.

If there is anyone interested in helping let me know. I'm not sure how much effort it is going to take so I might need some help later on.

When the site is up and running I will make another announcement. So get your Everwood FanFiction ready and tell your friends! :D

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Title: Unsomething
Author: [livejournal.com profile] heartofcalliope
Fandom: Everwood
Pairing: Ephram/Bright
Rating: PG-13
Time Used: 23minutes in class writing, 24 used typing and quick spell check
Disclaimer: Totally not my characters. If I lived in Everwood, I would have bitch smacked Amy into next week, and made sweet sweet monkey love to Ephram and Bright. At the same time.
Warnings: First tiime poster. Angst.
A/N: Written for the 60 minute contrelamontre regret challenge. Its been many moon's since I've written or posted a fan fic. Its fun to be doing it again. ^_^
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[The few moment stolen in the morning; the ones just before the alarm go off, are often the best of the day for Ephram Brown] )
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Author: [livejournal.com profile] of_doom, AKA '[livejournal.com profile] givemehistory when she is deluded into thinking she can write fanfic.'
Pairing: B/C/E
Crossposted: A long, LONG time ago, in [livejournal.com profile] bus_riders. This time I added punctuation. w00t, go me.

Unnamed, three part B/C/E drabble. )
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Hello. I'm not quite sure if I'm violating some sort of protocol here, but a Bright/Ephram journal needs Bright/Ephram stories to fill it, doesn't it?

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ETA: Fade Into is futurefic, Fairest is not.

EETA: For Bonibaru, who in all honesty I don't really know at all, but she's responsible for enabling my latent gay evil and this livejournal, so all due credit (or blame) goes to her. ;)

Fade Into )

And the other

Fairest )
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Written for the Two Lines Challenge:

Life in a Box.
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I think Everwoobie may well be open for business now.

Bright/Ephram. Bright. Ephram. Go to it.
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