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I am reposting this post that [profile] watcherwil posted to the save_everwood community so I'm doing my share (as well as donating to the ferris wheel fund) as I promised her and posting it to other everwood communities so everyone interested may take part in our stunt to try to save the show. Please read below to find out how you can help. Thanks, Christy00700  *cross-posted*[profile]

If you would like to contribute to the newest stunts to SAVE EVERWOOD please visit everwoodmusic.com by this link and go to the most recent page to find out more of what the fans are doing:


Within the next 24 hours everwoodmusic.com will be collecting donations to place a Ferris Wheel (a la Ephram and Amy) by the UPN offices (Dawn look out. Here we come!) and also placing an ad in "Variety" (Top Entertainment Industry Magazine) to SAVE EVERWOOD. We even have a graphic designer and several other professionals stepping up to help this campaign! Come contribute and be a part of Everwood History!!!

Thought the Everwood fans would like to know that similar stunts have been done in the past that saved Arrested Development, Veronica Mars, Roswell, Deadwood, and several other shows! This is our way to Save Everwood!


Everwoodmusic.com has just started a seperate thread for just this info. You can go directly to it by this link:


Well, plan on donating now! The PayPal link is open at everwoodmusic.com!!!

Go to this link: http://www.everwoodmusic.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1264

It's about halfway down in the Webmaster's post!

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Cross-posting from bus_riders ...

See save-everwood.org for everything you want to know about "Project: Save Everwood" (and probably more, but hey).

Everwood Music

Meanwhile, the two-hour season (and apparently series) finale (appropriately titled "Foreverwood") is scheduled for Monday, June 5 (a week later than originally announced).
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I found this sitting around on my computer, and thought I would share. It's set during the summer, while Hannah is in Minnesota, or was it Michigan? The North Pole? Okay, well Hannah was away and Ephram was in Europe (Might as well have been the North Pole). It was written just as the newest spoilers had come out (Hannah and Bright's kiss at the airport was speculated, and obviously I was a bitter B/E fan)

Title: Another Take on the Airport Kiss
Fandom/Pairing: Everwood, Bright/Ephram
Rating: It was originally supposed to be NC-17, but it's unfinished, so probably PG-13, low R

(He was from Everwood, stuff like this didn’t happen everyday. No, stuff like this never happened.)
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Spur-of-the-moment-completely-unbetaed-drabble. Mild spoilers for season 4. (Wow, EW is up to s4 already. *pets it*)

Everwood, Out of the Closet, Amy POV, pseudo-Bright/Ephram, G )
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Title: Nothing to Prove

Author: [livejournal.com profile] r4wrdinosaur

Fandom/Pairing: Everwood, Bright/Reid implied Bright/Ephram

Rating: PG-13 for sexual content and language

Notes: Written for [livejournal.com profile] 15minuteficlets

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Title: Lessons.
Author: Joyful ( AuntMelba1@aol.com )
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Not mine, I swear, please don’t hunt me down and kill me. Don’t sue me either, all you’ll get is $20 and a collection of sci-fi and fantasy tapes. My mind is dry-clean only and I can’t afford the bill, please forgive me.
Summary: After Bright finds out he didn’t pass everything, Ephram agrees to help him study, but winds up teaching him more than just the three Rs.
Pairing: Ephram/Bright.
Notes: Brian Molko is a god. *swoons* This is for Hyperfocused, she gave me some good ideas. Also, Spike and Zero are two of the “goth” kids that hang out in the “freak corner” at my college, but they’re actually very not gay. Neither is Zombie or Fuzzy, come to think of it. I just felt like throwing them in there. Anybody Ephram mentions from NY is actually somebody I know. *nods* Oh, and before I forget, Ephram’s hot. *nods* I want to have his babies. Oh, and Ms. Moon in the most kickass beta in the world.
Secondary note: Anybody who knows me, knows that I don’t do this, I DON’T write smut, but this fic forced itself upon me, so please forgive me for any suckiness.

BRight has a lot of learning to do )

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Hey!! I've got a community called Ephramy_love that has been running for a while, but has lately begun to die. In hopes of getting new members, I am promoting it here. PLEASE JOIN!!!

Ephramy Loveis a community about anything to do with Everwood, especially anything going on with Ephram & Amy/Gregory Smith & Emily VanCamp. See the community info and rules.

Come Join

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If you haven't already, check out this five-parter (and possibly more, the author says? you'll love it either way) by [livejournal.com profile] groupnine:

How Ephram Got His Groove Back

My Fanfic

Jun. 27th, 2004 12:22 pm
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Wrote a fanfic where Bright, not Amy, tries to convince Ephram not to go to Julliard. It's called Soulmates for Life: http://www.fanfiction.net/read.php?storyid=1930741

Enjoy and I think you're going to enjoy Chapter 4 a lot!

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A Single Shot
by Kaia Mariacle
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Rating: PG
Summary: A family gatheirng. futurefic.
Author’s notes: This is the first thing I’ve written in quite a while, even if it’s just a bitty ficlet. I blame it solely on the fact that I had a creative writing class this past semester that stole most of my brain (not that I’m complaining, it was a fantastic class). And secondly, I blame my beta, for ditching me completely. Damn you woman, for actually having a life, unlike some (see: me).

A Single Shot
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“Feeling Gravity's Pull”? Think you “Can't Get There From Here”? “Wish you were “Half A World Away” from (or maybe in) “Ignoreland”?

Then check out the R.E.M. Song Title Fic Challenge! Requests due March 14!

Hey, until April 19, it's that or reruns. :-|
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If anyone wants to take over this community, let me know, if not I think I'm just going to delete it.
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Because it's just been toooooo quiet ... here are some Homoerotic Sports Metaphors that Ephram should learn to keep up with Bright (courtesy of Gay Sports Fan Central, which has some lovely photo galleries too ... even a few shirtless hockey players for [livejournal.com profile] visbot).
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x-posted to [livejournal.com profile] bus_riders and my LJ...

Here's a series of short missing scenes detailing Bright and Ephram's misadventures in trying to find movies they can both live with, as detailed in "Just Like In The Movies." Hopefully they're humorous. Feedback would be mighty fine, indeed. =)

Title: "Say Anything"
Series: Everwood
Author: Miss Windy
Summary: Missing scene. Looks like I may be working through all of this season's eps just like [livejournal.com profile] bigboobedcanuck requested. Although this is actually a series of missing scenes. In "Just Like In the Movies," we find out that Bright and Ephram are renting movies together, and that Bright's a John Hughes fan. I couldn't resist what follows.

"Say Anything"
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The actual B/E doesn't start till Part 3, but ... Part 1 of "Home Boy" (my Secret Santa fic) is here.

Update: All four parts are up, so [thump, thump ...] diiiive in-to the pool! ;->

We’re gonna make it in a Jeep.
-- from “Home Boy” by Iggy Pop
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Title: The Natural Progression of things
Author: edie
Email: edie22@hotmail.com
website: http://www.monkeydrunky.com/edie
Pairing: Ephram/Bright
Rating: NC-17
Fandom: Everwood
Category: PWP, episode related
Archive: Just ask!
Disclaimer: This show belongs to people less pervy than me
Summary: Set after “Three Miners” Ephram interrupts Bright from building the lighthouse…
Notes: I blame [livejournal.com profile] misswindy. She knew nothing of this, but it’s still her fault. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] jadedmyrrmaid, [livejournal.com profile] tobyfan and [livejournal.com profile] brooding_soul for the awesome beta work!

The Natural Progression of Things )
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Hey everyone. My name's Gaby. I'm a HUGE E/B slash fan. I give the name Moonlighter b/c of Turf Wars when Ephram said "I didn't know you moonlighted as a condom." So a Moonlighter has several meanings. 1) a person who sees the slashy subtext between the Everwood characters of Ephram Brown and Bright Abbott as the undeniable truth. 2) the characters of Ephram and Bright.

So anyway, wanted to tell you there's a wallpaper awaiting ya'll at http://www.everwoodmusic.com called Moonlighter Moments.. I created it..

So long,
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Cross-posting from [livejournal.com profile] bus_riders ...

Can't Fight the Moonlight
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Get Your Smack on, Delia (And You Too, Coma boy)
Author: Kaia Mariacle
Disclaimer: They’re not mine. But maybe I can play with them for awhile?
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Maybe they can knock some sense into these idiots.
Author’s Notes: Watching snow fall is fun. Sinking into knee deep snow when getting out of the car is less fun. I don’t know why I love New England so much. I think it’s ‘cause of the pretty trees in Autumn.

a B/E futurefic
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Unanswered Prayers
Author: Kaia Mariacle
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: An encounter with the past.
Author’s Notes: Very loosely based on the song by Garth Brooks. I’m sure he never meant for it to be interpreted in such a way, but alas, I can find slash in anything, even a country song about a man and his wife.

Unanswered Prayers, B/E futurefic
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